Friday, July 19, 2013

Posting Mobile from my S4

I'm really addicted to my cell phone. That's no big surprise, who isn't these days? Now that I own a Samsung Galaxy S4,  I realize this is the lazy person's dream phone.

I just installed android app for a blogger, and except for the fact that  nearly every other word I speak is misunderstood and has to be deleted and respoken, I can speak my blog posts using the microphone tool from the keyboard.

Once the novelty has worn off (by tomorrow) I'll be back to typing it.

The are so many other features I love about this phone that I'm sure I'll be compelled to share.  Be looking for a review shortly.

I waited until I've had it for two months so I could get really comfortable with it and know what my personal pros and cons list would look like. I think I'm ready to share.

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