Monday, July 8, 2013

Blowing The Dust Off

This poor little neglected blog. Tsk tsk! Shame on me for spreading myself so thin that I haven't given 100% to anything. Like a juggler keeping the balls in the air. Like one of those ladies spinning the plates on the tall skinny poles...

But this is the year I vow to be organized (did that make your coffee come out your nose? Oh sorry.) Yeah, here we are, 7 months into 2013 and I'm just now willing to make that commitment.

I WILL blog my creations and I WILL do tutorials and I WILL figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Ok, well, maybe 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

I have decided that I am not going to die a hoarder and be buried under a pile of my own craft projects, only to be discovered after each piece is lifted off the pile one by one and inspected carefully by snitty women in white gloves and matching hats who add little comments for spice...

"Oh, what was she trying to make here? No wonder it's only half done. It stinks." <toss>

And then on to another abandoned project to be critiqued. Maybe some on them will be swiped in the process (because those snitty women are just like that sometimes, all critical but secretly envious), but eventually they will get to the bottom of the stack to find me still clutching a glue gun and some pinking shears.

No, I don't want to die that way. Nor do I want to have a heart attack at the checkout counter at Hobby Lobby when I whip out the cell phone to see if a second mortgage on the house is possible when I only went in there for thread.

So, I've opened an shop at where hopefully I can sell some of my creations and accomplish two things:

1. reclaim my house for things other than finished craft projects, unfinished craft projects, and of course the crafting supplies.

2. finance my craft supply addiction. If you are reading a craft blog, then you need to come to the CA meetings as well (crafters annon, not anything related to California, sorry). You know you are an addict.

I'm going to be Facebooking it here:

and I've got a pinterest board for it too:

So, now that I have gone and committed myself to this....

I feel like a bad friend who says they'll call and then you run into them at the mall three years later and she's like "I was just thinking of you!" Ha! But I promise... I'll be back... posting something I've made and showing you how I did it.


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