Monday, December 12, 2011

Silky top from thrifted pajama bottoms

When I was shopping for notions in my local Wal-mart's pathetic excuse for a sewing department, I came across this purple sequined floral ribbon embellishment that I had to snatch up since it was both a) sparkly and b) purple: two requirements to make my granddaughter squeal with delight.

Lately I have been sewing up a storm since it's quite apparent that garments with cast-accommodating right sleeves are non-existent. My granddaughter, poor little thing, was attacked by a dog a week ago and it broke her poor little arm. Now her arm is in a splint and wrapped with copious padding, gauze and bandages so it's huge and impossible to dress around.

Here is her favorite pajama top below:
Because this is her all time favorite top, I couldn't bear to alter it. After all, her arm will heal and she's going to want to get back to being normal. Rip away side seams and shoulders aren't your every day apparel.

So I looked through my stash of *fabric*. This stash is actually clothing from the Human Society Thrift Store. I went there on a "Stuff the Bag" day. They gave me a 13 gallon kitchen trash bag and said "stuff 2 of those for $10 total."

I was in the market for clothing with interesting fabric and buttons to make purses from. I've actually made 3 so far from this huge clothing/cloth stash but that's for another post. I bought 6 13gal bags full of clothing that day for a whopping $30.

When I thought of making my granddaughter a p.j. top like this, I instantly remembered that I'd bought at least one pair of silky pajama bottoms in an extra large adult size. The idea had originally been to use it for lining a purse, but it was silky, it was purple, and it begged to be turned into a size 7 girl's pajama top with sequined lace to girly it up more.

Once again, I didn't photograph the whole process (sorry, I'll do this the right way when I get used the hang of blogging and creating simultaneously.)

Here is the pic of the p.j.'s from when I was cataloging my cloth stash. They are a light, almost dusty, lavender.

I laid the store bought top upside down along one leg until side seams matched. Then I cut armhole shapes and straight across the top.

When I cut that out, I split the piece I cut out up center back. Then I cut some strips to make a ruffle for bottom and make bias tape to wrap cut edge of top of bodice.

Then I used the purple sequined ribbon to make a decorative strip across the chest and for the straps. Right strap has ribbon rosette sewn to it, hiding a circle of Velcro so the strap can rip away to wrap around her arm with the splint.

Then a couple or ribbon ties to close the back opening and it's done.

Here's the masterpiece in all it's glory. :)


I promise I'll do real tutorials just as soon as I stop to breath while tearing into a project. I got this one all cut out and half sewn before I did a face palm and said "DOH!" realizing I hadn't documented anything in photographs.


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