Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ribbon Dragonfly

I saw a cool tutorial for making a braided ribbon headband refashion and decided to try it out to see how easy it was to do (the ribbon braiding part). It didn't involve actually having to cut the ribbon, but consisted of interlocking loops. With a single tug of the ribbon it could all be undone if you weren't careful.

I got the tutorial here after finding it on

So I had some extremely skinny white ribbon I got from the thrift store for a quarter and decided to practice.

First I spooled out about 2 feet of ribbon to start with my "center". I didn't cut it since this was just practice and it could all be easily undone.

Then I tied a bow as if tying shoestrings. I followed that with another bow, trying (somewhat successfully-I think one side got flipped before I could get pics) to make the second set of bow "wings" to be slightly smaller than the first.

I pulled these 4 wings just as tight as I could and then started with the headband weaving tutorial from there on out.

Here's what I ended up with:

You could use these as package toppers in place of a bow for something a little different. So cute! Might also make a nice key fob or zipper pull, or even tree ornament.

I love anything dragonfly. <3

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