Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anthro Inspired Braided Cloth Bracelet

I had no idea those little bits of scrap fabric were worth so much!

Check out this Anthro bracelet that sells for $58!

I'm inspired to make a cloth bracelet for my granddaughter to match her new cast-friendly shirt I'm working on. I can make the bracelet from the cut-off sleeve.

I got kind of carried away when I was trying to think of what to use in place of the star. I found beads, one thing led to another and next thing you know I have a bracelet that looks totally different but, in my opinion, much nicer than this expensive one. Best thing is, she loves it.

I used scraps from a shirt I made her from a piece of fabric my sister had hand tie-dyed. I made 4 strips by folding 2 long ones in 1/2. Then I made the loop (see right below the long tail at top). Then I used these instructions to make a 4 strand round braid:

I tied it off in a big knot that doesn't easily slip through the initial loop.

Then I strung a long strand of beads from my granddaughter's massive bead collection and wrapped them around the braid.

Finally I found some bigger pearl type beads and sewed them randomly to the bracelet.

Here she is modeling it and she loves it.

I know it was thrown together fast and could have been perfected more, but she was going to a movie with friends and I wanted to surprise her with something silly but beautiful to wear. It passed the test as you can plainly see. :)


  1. You are one awesome grandma, better then the original for sure!

  2. PS. It was very odd typing "grandma" ... you are to young to be called grandma.

  3. I concur. LOL But I'm a hip grandma.


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