Sunday, March 11, 2012

Buttercup bag and a wristlet for my friend

My BFF turned 50 today and so I made her a special present. A Buttercup bag from the free pattern here.

Then I decided I wanted to make her a wallet, too. But after searching pinterest, craftgawker and google images high and low, I couldn't come up with anything that really took my breath away.

So I got to thinking... what would happen if I just made a mini version of the Buttercup? This is a 75% reduction, without the inside pocket, a zipper added to the top and a loop for a handle.

Got the dangle doodad pull from Walmart in the beading section for like $3 I think. It has a lobster claw clasp on it, so adding it to the zipper was painlessly easy.

Here they are together so you can get an idea of size. That was my very first Buttercup bag. I had seen it around on the internet for a while now and it was on my sewing bucket list, but I had no idea how... petite it is. Quite a bit smaller than my normal everyday, lug-all-my-crap-around bag. I think the Buttercup measures 9" wide at the widest point and the strap is 22" long. When I have it on my shoulder, the bag pretty much tucks up under my arm. So the wristlet is also smaller than you might think.

I didn't measure it, but it can  hold cellphone, sunglasses, keys, credit cards, lipstick and money. What more do you need when you head into the store from your car?

So the surprise party went off without a hitch, and the bags were a HUGE hit! To top it off, she showed up wearing an outfit that matched them perfectly. How awesome is that?



  1. You know I am in awe of these, just had to say it again :)

    And happy birthday, Karen!


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